Locally-Grown Organic Microgreens Delivered To Your Doorstep

Do you live in Oakville Ontario? Well then say "Hello" to your new favourite locally-grown food that can be added to any meal for extra nutrition & taste!

Microgreens are up to 40X more nutrient-dense than mature greens like Broccoli. They can help...

  • Boost your immune system
  • Lower inflammation
  • Improve gut health

Locally-Grown Organic Microgreens Delivered To Your Doorstep

Do you live in Oakville Ontario?

Well then say "Hello" to your new favourite locally-grown food that can be added to any meal for extra nutrition & taste!

Microgreens are up to 40X more nutrient-dense than mature greens like Broccoli. They can help...

  • Boost your immune system
  • Lower inflammation
  • Improve gut health

Hey! I'm Haley McKenna, your local microgreens farmer...

My farm, Oakville Microgreens, is a small "direct to community" farm that offers quick home deliveries anywhere in Oakville Ontario…

We specialize in growing 6 varieties of nutrient-dense microgreens…

Proven by Research To Have Tons of Potential Health Benefits…

  • Boosts your immune system
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Can help contribute to weight loss
  • Can help reduce the risk of various chronic diseases
  • Improves gut health
  • And much more!

What Are Microgreens?

Microgreens are the earliest stage of a vegetable plant’s development, after the sprouting stage.

They are “living foods” – Purposefully utilized in their most nutritious and delicious state.

In the photo below, you can see sprouts on the left, microgreens in the middle, and a more mature vegetable plant on the right:

Why Microgreens Are Healthier Than Regular Greens Like Lettuce, Spinach & Kale…

  • Their nutrient content is more concentrated
  • Their vitamin and antioxidants levels are up to 40X higher than more mature greens
  • They’re richer in macro minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium
  • They’re richer in micro minerals such as iron, zinc and copper
  • And I can go on and on… They’re richer in B vitamins, essential amino acids, folate etc!

Get These Amazing Super Foods Sent Straight To Your Doorstep!

Locally grown in Oakville Ontario

My Top 6 Microgreens...







One of the things I love most about these 6 varieties (other than the countless health benefits) is…

They’re so easy to use!

In fact, if you want to taste REAL FOOD and feel REAL GOOD, I recommend you…

Add them to virtually every single meal…


Sandwiches & Wraps


Smoothies & Juices

Those are just a few examples…

I encourage you to get creative and experiment with microgreens…

They can add so much flavor, texture & color to your meals!

Want These Tasty Micros Delivered To Your Doorstep Every Week, Less Than 24 Hours After They’re Harvested?

Locally grown in Oakville

3 Simple Steps To Get Started Today

  • Click the “ORDER NOW” button anywhere on this page
  • Select the type of microgreen you want & how much you'd like to order
  • Enter your contact details and click "Submit"

We will personally reach out to arrange payment & delivery. That way, we can get started growing your special order so that it's ready when you're ready :)

I look forward to growing for you!


Haley McKenna

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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Sunflower Microgreen Nutrition

September 01, 20233 min read

The Power of Sunflower Microgreens: A Phenolic Marvel for Your Health

Microgreens have been making waves in the world of nutrition and health for their exceptional nutrient density and unique flavours. Among the plethora of microgreens available, sunflower microgreens stand out not only for their delightful taste but also for their rich phenolic content. Phenols are natural compounds found in plants that have been associated with numerous health benefits. In this article, we'll delve into the health benefits of sunflower microgreens, with a particular focus on their phenolic compounds.

sunflower microgreens

Sunflower Microgreens: A Nutrient Powerhouse

Sunflower microgreens are the young seedlings of the sunflower plant (Helianthus annuus). They are typically harvested within 10-14 days of germination when they are at their peak of flavour and nutrient density.

These vibrant green microgreens are packed with essential nutrients, including vitamins (A, B complex C, D and E), minerals (calcium, potassium, iron, iodine and magnesium), and dietary fibre. They contain all eight essential amino acids making them a source of complete protein. They also have a small amount of healthy fats (omega-3 & omega-6). What makes sunflower microgreens truly remarkable, though, is their high concentration of phytonutrients. Today I will focus on one category of phytonutrients called phenolic compounds.

Phenols: The Unsung Heroes

Phenolic compounds are phytochemicals which means they are found in plants, and they serve a crucial role in protecting the plant from environmental stressors and pathogens. When we consume foods rich in phenols, we can also reap numerous health benefits.

Here's a closer look at why phenols are so important:

  • Antioxidant Power: Phenols are renowned for their potent antioxidant properties. They help combat harmful free radicals in our bodies, reducing oxidative stress and the risk of chronic diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Phenolic compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help mitigate the risk of inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis, and promote overall well-being.

  • Heart Health: Consuming foods rich in phenols has been linked to improved cardiovascular health. These compounds may reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and enhance blood vessel function.

  • Cancer Prevention: Some phenolic compounds possess anti-cancer properties and may inhibit the growth of cancer cells or promote their apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Incorporating Sunflower Microgreens into Your Diet

Harnessing the health benefits of sunflower microgreens is easy and delicious. Here are some ways to incorporate them into your diet:

  • Salads: Chop them up and add sunflower microgreens to your favourite salad greens for an added burst of flavour and nutrients.

  • Sandwiches and Wraps: Use sunflower microgreens as a fresh and crunchy filling for sandwiches or wraps.

  • Veggie Dips : Blend sunflower microgreens with greek yogurt, avocado and your favourite herbs for a super nutritious dip.

  • Garnish: Use them as a garnish for soups, omelettes, or even as a topping for pizza (added after the pizza is cooked).

  • Snacking: Enjoy sunflower microgreens as a wholesome and nutritious snack on their own.

sunflower microgreen pesto

Suggested Serving: I recommend dividing your Oakville Microgreen Sunflowers clamshell into 4 handfuls. My favourite way to eat sunflower micro greens is to snack on them like nuts but a close second is to make a pesto/pasta sauce by blending one handful of sunflower microgreens with basil, garlic, a heaping tablespoon of sunflower seeds and some olive oil. You could always cheat and blend them with store bought pesto to give it a nutrient boost. 

Sunflower microgreens are more than just a culinary delight; they are a treasure trove of health benefits, particularly when it comes to phenolic compounds. By incorporating these vibrant green shoots into your daily diet, you can harness the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and heart-protective properties of phenols. So, the next time you're in the kitchen, consider adding a handful of sunflower microgreens to your plate – your health will bloom!

Haley McKenna RHN

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